“Mr Block Head” By Ed Gulley

Mr Block Head on the left.
That’s Mr Block Head, sitting on his stump chair, on the left.

Jon is a hard person to buy something for.  Mostly because he buys what ever he wants for himself before I have a clue he wants it.

He loves to give gifts, but he’s not so good at getting them.  So when I heard him talking a lot about one of Ed Gulley’s sculptures and how he could picture it on the back porch, I texted Carol, Ed’s wife (Ed doesn’t have a smart phone, there’s no texting him) and asked if it was for sale.

Carol was in the middle of writing on their new blog, Bejosh Farm Journal, so I told her I’d leave her alone and we’d figure it all out later when Jon and I visited.

Jon just wanted to take a picture of “Mr Block Head” so I actually got to surprise him when I told him I was going to buy it for him.  We bartered over the price then started to load Mr Block Head into the car.

Ed got a marker, I labeled each brick and Ed put them in the car in the “right order”.  Like an old stone wall or any sculpture,   Mr Block Head works with gravity and balance.  There’s no glue holding him together.  Which also makes him easy to move.   One brick at a time.

Because of the labeling and the way Ed placed Mr Block Head in the car, he was easy to reassemble on our back porch.  There’s some debate about his location, and Jon is already talking about putting him in the Muse Corner of his office.

But for now the Minnie and Flo are getting used to having him on the porch. Who knows, they may even find themselves sitting in his lap.

"Mr Block Head" unassembled in the back of the car.
“Mr Block Head” unassembled in the back of the car.

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