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sampler quiltdetail

I cut the faux sampler into four pieces and put it back in the box then continued sorting through the rest of my fabric.  That was yesterday, today I pulled the four pieces out and laid them on my table.  I thought of the African animal fabric from the same box.  They seemed the antithesis  of each other.   I had another of the sampler pieces so I did the same with it.

sampler quilt

Then I sewed them together…

sampler quilt (1)

I used some pieces from a quilt top that someone sent me…

sampler quilt3

Then used an old beached out sugar sack to frame it. (you can still see some of the faded words on the sugar sack)…

sampler quilt4

This is as far as I got today…

sampler quiltdetail3

…although I have this other piece of fabric that I quartered too.   I’m thinking it’s going to go somewhere beneath the last  flowered strip of fabric I sewed on.

More on Monday.


5 thoughts on “Sampler Quilt

  1. That last picture stopped me in my tracks. I liked the humor of combining wild big cats with a most pampered looking pet cat. But the main reason was that I know that big cat fabric. My brother’s bedspread was made of it when we were kids. That was a good 30 years ago. If someone had asked me to describe my brother’s childhood bedspread, I wouldn’t have been able to, but that image was like recognizing a smell from childhood.

    1. Ah that’s wild Tricia. Claudia sent me that fabric, it was something her mother had in her collection. I love that it brought back this memory for you. I know that feeling.

  2. I agree, the sampler and the wild cat materials are the antithesis of each other, and you’re making it work. It’s really interesting to see how this quilt is evolving. You always keep us guessing Maria, and I’m sure you keep yourself guessing too. That must be part of what the creative process is all about.

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