A Quilt Full Of Questions

new quilt

I sat in my chair looking at the quilt.  Once I cut out the piece of green fabric that separated the strips of white and sewed it back together I knew it was done.

As I looked at it I kept thinking of those little plastic puzzle games you’d get as a prize at a party.   The ones where you slide the plastic squares around to complete an image or word.  A part of me wanted to do that with the squares in this quilt.  Move them around, as if they needed to be adjusted and when they clicked into place, they’d open up a whole new world.

And there are clues everywhere, symbols and signs daring me to make sense of the whole thing.  But this quilt asks more questions than it answers.   Like a dream that doesn’t make sense when you try to explain it to someone, but when you were in it made perfect sense.

With the green fabric still in the quilt.
With the green fabric still in the quilt.

3 thoughts on “A Quilt Full Of Questions

  1. So amazing to see the difference taking out the green strip makes.
    You know exactly what you are doing. Beautiful.

  2. Dear Maria, One of the questions this quilt asks “Is that Amish bold 9 squares on both sides and in the corner? And does that make the entire quilt Amish or amazingly modern in its story telling with the cat divided into squares?” VERY FASCINATING TO LOOK AT!! And I love the colors. Annie

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