Bedlam Farm Open House, June 25th and 26th. The Art Of Rural Life


We’re getting ready for this June’s Bedlam Farm Open House.  Yesterday we met with Deb Foster, not only does she take great care of the animals when we’re away, but she’s a pro when it comes to publicity too.

This year we’re going to have a banner hanging from the front of the house welcoming everyone to Bedlam Farm.  Letting all those people who just happen to be driving by, that it isn’t a private party and everyone’s welcome.

The Open House will be from 11-4pm Saturday and Sunday.   You can get more information, like where to stay (Please book a room early, it’s Graduation weekend and they fill up quick) and places to visit in town  on the Event’s page at the top of my blog.

The art of rural life will be on display  at the farm that weekend.   That means  art in my School House Gallery but also Jim McRae will be shearing the sheep and Ken Norman, our farrier, will be trimming the equines hooves.  Artist and Farmer, Ed Gulley is going to milking one of his cows.  And of course, sheep herding with Jon, Red and Fate.

Chloe, Fanny and Lulu will also be receiving carrots and brushing’s throughout the weekend.

Farmer Joshua Rockwood will give a talk and  Dr Jen Baker Porazinski will  talk about being a doctor in rural Washington County.  Artist Rachel Barlow will be working on her drawings throughout the weekend.  Lisa Carrino, part owner of the Round House Bakery will talk  about the art of baking and hopefully have some baked goods  on hand.

We’ll have poetry too.  Mary Kellogg is writing some new poem for the Open House and Tom Atkins writes a poem a day.  You can see all his work, poetry, prose, photography and painting on his blog Quarry House.  And Jackie Thorne will also be reading her poetry.  Jackie is a writer, painter and photographer and her blog is Creative Journeywoman.

And then there’s the art show in my School House Gallery.  The reason we first started having Open Houses.  This June I’ll be showing and selling the work of eight artists including myself.

Rachel Barlow has recently found her calling in watercolors.  She’s been drawing and writing her whole life, but her paintings have pulled her into the life of an artist in a new way.   You can see more of her work  and read all about her on her blog Picking My Battles

Wave-Runner by Rachel Barlow
Wave-Runner by Rachel Barlow

Carol Barrett is an abstract painter.  I don’t have any photos of her work yet or much information on her.  I’ve known Carol for years and she can sometimes be shy about showing her work.  But I love what I’ve seen of Carols paintings and I’m very happy to have her in my gallery.

Marilyn Brooks showed her paintings at an earlier Open House.  She started painting about 10 years ago, working in acrylic, painting landscapes and still lifes.  Marilyn works at Battenkill Books which is owned by her daughter Connie Brooks.

By Marilyn Brooks
By Marilyn Brooks

Lisa Carrino is a baker and part owner of the Round House Cafe, but she also does many other creative things.  One of them is making bracelets from safety pins and beads called  Safety Bracelet’s.  She’ll be selling them in my gallery.

Carol Law Conklin is an artist and retired Dairy Farmer.  She started making her batiks again after  she and her husband sold their farm some years ago.   Her work is based on animals, nature and myth.  She sell her original batiks as well as reproducing them on fabric and trivets and scarves making them functional art.  You can see more of her art on her website Amity Farm Batik.

Unicorns Take Castle, by Carol Law Conklin
Unicorns Take Castle, by Carol Law Conklin

Debbie Glessner is a photographer who showed her photography at the Open House last year.  This year she’s she’ll be showing and selling her earrings.  Debbie’s earring can be elegant and fun at the same time. Debbie is the kind of person who does many different things and all of them  with an eye to perfection.

Ed Gulley will be back again with his “Junk Art”  a farmer all his life, Ed has  been making art  for years in between tending to his Dairy Farm with his wife Carol.   Ed’s sculpture is made from found objects.  Mostly what he has around the farm or what people bring him. .  Ed and Carol Gulley have a blog Bejosh Farm Journal where you can see Ed’s latest creation  and read about  what’s going on around the farm.

"Mr Block Head" by Ed Gulley
“Mr Block Head”  by Ed Gulley on the left and one of Ed’s milk can chairs on our back porch.

Kim McMillan is busy these days making her felted wallets.  Each has an original hand embroidered design and vintage button.  Here’s one from last year.  You can visit Kim  and see some of her new work on her facebook page Farm House Buttons and Wool .

Kim McMillan's Owl Wallet
Kim McMillan’s Owl Wallet

Fran Welge, my sister,  will once again  be back with her Mini Gardens.  Fran creates little living worlds that look as though you can walk into them.  These tiny gardens need only a small amount of tending with their slate walkways and reflecting balls. You can see more of Fran’s mini gardens on her facebook page Fran’s Mini Gardens.

One of Fran Welge's Mini Gardens
One of Fran Welge’s Mini Gardens

And I’ll have some of my art there as well.

Minnie and the Hen Having Breakfast by Maria Wulf
Minnie and the Hens having breakfast.

I’ll have new photos of all the art and artists  as we get closer to the Open House.   There’s more information on my events page and you can email me at maria@





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