Life in the Woods



Jon had breakfast with his editor  so it was just me and Fate in the woods this morning.   Many of the trees where we walk  hold secret spaces.  This one has a small pond at the base of it’s trunk which freezes in the winter…

fate in the woods 1

…and, of course, Fate has to explore.

hole in tree sap

Everything was wet and warm, the woods sensually springing to life again.    I freed my feet from a winter in socks and boots  and waded in the pond which still has some traces of ice on it and is icy cold.  It felt like my feet were awake for the first time in months.

fate on rock



One thought on “Life in the Woods

  1. Your PHOTOS are so full of life! I also loved the one you took recently of Jon and Lulu. I HAVE NEVER PUT MY BARE FEET IN WATER THAT STILL HAD ICE IN IT! This is just as bold as your colors! I’m not sure I’m that bold, but I’m tempted to try it. Annie

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