Sheep At The Feeder, A Video

We’ll be shearing the sheep in June this year a the Bedlam Farm Open House.  Jim McRea, our Shearer is  entertaining as well as informative.  For me, just watching the wool fall off the sheep in those large sweeping blankets is impressive enough, but Jim also puts on a show, telling stories and answering questions.

I can really see the difference between the lambs and the older sheep.  Socks and Suzy are about 5 or 6  years old, and their wool is still thick and long.  But their lambs, now two years old have an energy and robustness about them that is undeniable.

Zelda, the flock leader, is older than I thought.  Probably around 8 or 9 years old.  I’ll probably only shear her once this year, her wool just isn’t growing at the rate it used to and it has to be a certain length to spin into yarn.

Even though Zelda is getting older, she still keeps an eye on things.  Always the first to lift her head, perk up her ears and  be alert to what’s going on around her and the other sheep.




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