Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 2/14/16

Signs of Spring.   You can hear the geese flying over Bedlam Farm this morning.


3 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 2/14/16

  1. Thanks for the weekly video, great to see donkeys, pony, sheep, dogs and chickens all out and about together. Not too much longer feeding hay now the weather is warming up.

    I hear the geese, and the Red Wing Blackbirds too, (always sound slightly electronic to me buzzing and whirring) another sign of spring, they nest in the reeds at the edge of our pond every year and just got back here to Western NY a week ago. Then right at the end a Blue Jay ‘thief, thief’ call.

    You are so lucky to be working from home and able to get outside with the animals as part of your day. I am glad the clocks changed, now I will be home before dark, able to spend some outdoor time watching our chickens before they go into the coop for the night, after a day behind a desk its a wonderful way to relax – and the extra eggs we are getting with more daylight are a bonus too!

    1. Having that light at the beginning and end of the work day makes such a difference. I know it from when I didn’t work at home. And your description of the blackbirds is so right on. and the blue jays is perfect too.

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