My Wall Hanging “Let Go And Live Your Life”, For Sale


donelet go

I only noticed the fire was missing when I place the orange fabric next to the white linen.  Earth in the tree and the dancing Goddesses, Air in the wings of the wheels and Water carrying the snake boat.  And now with the orange border surrounds it all with fire.

It’s a wall hanging of the elements come together to make living life possible.

You can read more about what inspired me to make it here.

Here’s a couple of closeups…

dancing goddesses

Let Go And Live Your Life is Sold for sale.   It’s 21″x24″ including the border and is $150 + $10 shipping.  I take checks or you can email you a paypal invoice.  If you’re interested in Let Go And Live Your Life, you can email me at [email protected].

tree let go

2 thoughts on “My Wall Hanging “Let Go And Live Your Life”, For Sale

  1. Maria, this wallhanging is wonderful. I can see so much in it that I know whoever purchases it, will enjoy looking and looking at it. The red around it is a perfect ‘fire’.

    I thought of you when I put on my legging’s this morning. How right you are about the crouch in the tights (one of my children couldn’t say crotch, thus it became crouch) riding down to your knees….I’m tempted to cut the feet out of the tights I have now and hem them.
    SandyP in Can.

    1. I always thought it was just me who had that problem with tights. Then I was in the bathroom at the Metropolitan Opera and saw this very elegantly dressed woman hiking up her pantyhose. I figured I was on to something.

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