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I spent the day working on Rapunzel, Minnie and Red Hen Potholders.   But it’s not easy for me to keep stitching the same drawing one after the other.   I kept taking breaks in between potholders.

Then, at the end of the day,  I took a scrap of potholder fabric and stitched the little drawing above on it.  I put a border and backing on it.   It’s about 6×7 inches edge to edge.

I thought of a friend who just had a birthday and decided to make one for her.  A dancing goddess seemed right.  This one is about 6×8 inches.  I gave her beaded nipples and wrote a birthday message on the back.

dancing goddess

I’m thinking if they have a white fabric backing I can write on them with permanent marker and they can  be sent through the mail like a post card (I’ll have to leave the beads off those)  I Just have to get the size right for standard postage.

Now I’m looking forward to making more Rapunzel, Minnie and Red Hen Potholders tomorrow  because in between each one  I’ll be making a different “post card”.


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