Fate, Not Herding The Sheep

Jon and I were talking about how Fate seems to be changing, becoming easier since Jon realized she wasn’t going to be herding the sheep.  And Jon’s easier with her too.

Now instead of being what we thought she would be, she can just be who she is.

Fate and Lulu
Fate and Lulu

5 thoughts on “Fate, Not Herding The Sheep

  1. Maria, I think you mentioned wondering why you had animals at all and their meaning in your lives . I loved the video, John has both dogs so well trained in spite of Fate’s great enthusiasm for life at the moment and hopefully she will always retain this ‘free spirit’ of hers. And, I’m wondering if your animals and your life there on the country property/farm in a sense, fulfills the longing many of us have of wanting to retire or live in the country, live a simpler life or so it would seem, have farm animals and live the life they picture in their minds as being something they would like to have one day themselves.

    I’d always wanted to live in the country from the time I was a child born and raised in the city. Living on a farm was always my goal. When we finally did move to country acreage, I bought chickens and had them for fourteen years. But the one thing I never pictured or factored into my farm-dream was manure. And the reality of a hen having only one outlet for delivering both eggs and excrement. I went off eating my hen’s eggs for six months….a newbie to the country. As Jon points out the reality of farm-life is often at odds with what people dream of.

    SandyP in Can.

    1. I have always wanted to live in the country growing up in the suburbs Sandy. But I never wanted animals because I didn’t want the responsibility of them. I saw it as complicating life, not making it simpler, which is actually true. But I’m seeing that it’s worth it all. That’s how I feel about it at this point in my life.

  2. I recall that when you first brought Fate home, Jon did not want to train her to herd. So things have just swung back to the initial thoughts for Fate. I adore her free spirit and applaud you both for accepting it! Like Lenore, Fate is about joy and love & that is quite enough and so fulfilling in itself!

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