Out My Studio Window

minnie and red hen out my window

Minnie and Red Hen are often together, mostly on the back porch.  But sometimes Minnie sits with Red Hen under the bird feeder.   The hens eat the seeds that fall from the feeder and I’m sure Minnie doesn’t mind keeping an eye on the birds.  Although I’ve never seen any evidence (feathers)  that she’s gotten any.

3 thoughts on “Out My Studio Window

  1. A few months ago we euthanized, at home, our 15 year old “spirit” dog Kitara. Our cat Lily rarely left Kitara’s side in the last few difficult months and she was by her side at the end. I am always touched when I see these inter species friendships and I send out a prayer and hope for humanity to come together in this tolerant and loving way.

    As a lover of animalst “great and small” it lifts my heart to see how you and Jon love and nurture your animals, thank you for sharing this process. I read your and Jon’s blog’s and FB posts daily and am so grateful for them.

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