Once the creating and blogging and emails are done, there’s the invoicing and packing and shipping to do.

My shipping center is an old table in the corner of our guest room.  Instead of blankets and clothes, the closet is filled with boxes and padded envelopes.  My printer and label maker sit on a desk between the windows.

I’ve become friends with Wendy and Martha at the post office in town.  I tell them what’s in the boxes and envelopes, about my latest creations and they tell me about the kittens  born under the porch, bowling tournaments and camping trips.  We let each other know if we’re having a bad day, we talk to each other like women who have worked together for a long time.  We care about each other.

I could get a  scale and print stamps from the post office on my computer.  Then I wouldn’t  have to make the trip into town, or  wait on the occasional line.  And if I  lived in a big town or city, where the lines can be long and the service impersonal, might just do that.    But I wouldn’t want to give up those conversations with Wendy and Martha.  Two people I would probably never have  known if not for my shipping.

The friendship doesn’t go beyond the counter at the post office but I know, for me,  the connection has become a part of my life and work.  Because I work alone I sometimes crave that kind of human contact.  Just an easy conversation and a small window into someone else’s world.

4 thoughts on “Shipping

  1. I enjoyed this post, Maria. I’m the same way and love to get out in my small community as I work from my writing cottage and most days spend a good amount of time alone. But I love the connections and having that human contact when I choose to get out and about which works so perfectly for me, too.

  2. When I lived in a small town with my boyfriend for almost two years, I enjoyed being alone on our ranch in the mountains. But I also loved going to the post office, no lines! And the feedstore. I loved that human contact too.

  3. I listen to a lot of podcasts that are supported by I know I’m going to think of you and your post office friendships from now on when I hear those ads. I have similar sorts of friendships with the librarians in my town and it makes a visit all that much better.

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