Donkey Spring Fever

I heard Lulu braying from inside my studio, so I ran out to get this video.  Jon calls it Donkey Madness.  Usually towards the evening something gets into the donkeys and they have a wild chase around the pasture.

Sometimes Lulu chases Fanny and sometimes the other way around.  I’m not sure what it’s all about, I love to watch them run around kicking and braying.

When I first got Chloe I thought she might join them, Simon was always in on the fun.  But as you can see in the video, she is unfazed by what’s going on around her.


5 thoughts on “Donkey Spring Fever

  1. Thanks for sharing Maria, I never knew donkeys got so silly! Guess they gotta get their ya-yas out as I call it when my dog does that!

  2. hi Maria….never saw Fanny and Lulu so active! thanks for providing the fun! They certainly were enjoying themselves. Great to have captured it! Looking forward to seeing you and all of Bedlam at the open house in June! Happy Spring! The woods are calling!
    Best, donna jordan

    1. It will be really nice to see you again Donna. I was glad to be able to capture Lulu and Fanny on video. It’s too much fun to see not to share.

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