A Short Trip

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The shore of  New Hampshire is about as straight a line as you can make from Bedlam Farm to the Ocean.

That was the idea when Jon and I decided we wanted to get away for a couple of days.  So we found an inexpensive hotel, lined Deb up to Farm sit and now we’re off.

We’ll be back on Wednesday, just a short trip, but enough for me to get excited about.  It’s snowing and cold (because it’s spring and it hardly snowed all winter?)  so I’m thinking we’ll be spending more time reading than walking on the beach.

I just finished reading Levinson Wood’s book, Walking The Nile.  It was a tough book considering the recent history and what’s going on now in many of the countries he walked through.  It focused mostly on the war, corruption and violence perpetrated on both the people and the land, interspersed with moment of kindness and hope.

So I chose an easier read for the trip.  The Past, By Tessa Hadley.   It’s a novel about a family and relationships,  a book Jon’s editor Rosemary recommended.  The kind of book that’s beautifully written and has quiet revelations, even though nothing really happens.   A book to lose myself in.

We’ll be back on Wednesday.  I’ll be off line till then.  Have a lovely few days.

4 thoughts on “A Short Trip

  1. If you get this while you’re in NH, visit Odiorne State Park in Rye. I haven’t been in snow, but I’ve been in freezing rain and it was still fantastic. It’s on the shore (giant rocks), and used to be a wealthy family’s estate so there are all sorts of neat rock walls etc. And if you want great seafood at a reasonable price, go to Newicks in Newington. You can’t go wrong.

    1. Ah too late for this trip Tricia, but next time for sure. We took a drive to Rye, didn’t go the State Park, but what we saw was beautiful. Thanks

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