Carol Law Conklin and her Batiks at The Valley Artisian’s Market

Carol Law Conklin
Carol Law Conklin in the Gallery with some of her work

Oh Carol I said, as she stood in front of her Batiks, you look just like your work.  She did not make the shirt she was wearing to her Opening Reception at the Valley Artisian’s Market, but she could have.

Carol and her husband Dick were dairy farmers until they sold the farm about 8 years ago.  They still have one of their cows named Steppin and a llama named Vanilla.   Sometimes they show up in her work.

Carol told me all the years she spent farming she was saving up images for the work she’s doing now.  Some of it based on myths and others showing the stories the earth tells from what goes on under the ground to what’s happening in the sky above.  Plants, animals, earth, water,  sky, Phoenix’s and Unicorns.

Carol’s work is labor intensive often taking months to complete one piece.  From creating the drawings with hot wax  to mixing the dyes and waiting for it all to set.   To make her work more accessible she sells inexpensive reproductions on a number of items, including fabric and paper prints, trivets, cuttingboards, and notecards. (you can see them here)

Carol will once again be selling her work at the Bedlam Farm Open House on June 25th and 26th.  You  read more about Carol and her work on her blog Amity Farm Batik and see what she has for sale on ETSY .

Here’ s a short video of some of Carol’s work and her talking about her work yesterday during opening reception at the Valley Artisian’s Market in Cambridge NY.  Her work will be on display there through May 3rd.


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