Minnie and Flo Having Dinner

Last night was the first since last summer that both Minnie and Flo stayed outside overnight.  And this morning was also the first time in a long time there was evidence left on the back porch this morning that one of them got a mouse.  (I think it was a stomach)

But they were still there this morning waiting for breakfast.

In the afternoon, where they get served dinner varies.  Today Minnie ate in on the work bench in the barn.  She used to jump from the ground onto the work bench, but since she had her leg amputated we put an old Victorian chair, that we found at the dump, next to the work bench for her to use as a step.

I’ve been feeding Minnie since she first came to Old Bedlam Farm, and we’ve always bumped heads before she eats. Today she had to wait for me to put my camera down, but we got our head bumps in after that.

flo eating dinner

Flo ate on the back porch today, this time of year she usually spends a lot of time on the front porch.  It’s her own little kingdom in a way.   Sometimes, when the chickens are on the porch, I’ll put her food on the Milkcan Chair that Ed Gulley made.  The hens never bother with  the cat food when it’s on that chair.

3 thoughts on “Minnie and Flo Having Dinner

  1. Again thanks for showing how Minnie manages with 3 legs. I always hope someone will see her pictures who is having doubts about amputating one of their cat’s legs and will see how she has adapted with minor help from her people. My tripod never felt “different” after a short time. Please give her a head bump in memory of Sunny!

  2. Do you feed them Fromm cat food? I’ve been buying their dog food ever since Jon recommended it,
    but haven’t tried the cat food.

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