Afternoon Brushing

fate and lulu

On the afternoons when I brush the donkeys and Chloe, I take Fate with me.  She loves just being around the sheep.

Fanny and Lulu always come right to me, they love the attention.  I start to brush them and Chloe will usually come after a while.  If she’s grazing and  doesn’t  come to me, I’ll put her halter on and tie her to the fence to brush her too.

Today Chloe came quickly and then it was the three of them, all standing around waiting their turn.

First I use a curry comb on them one at a time.  Then a hard brush, then a soft one.  Sometimes when I’m brushing Chloe Fanny or Lulu will impatiently nose me in the butt to get my attention.

Then I pick their feet. I do one side and two feet at a time.  Moving from donkey to pony to donkey then start again.   Last, I comb Chloe’s mane and tail.  By that time we’re all relaxed, calmly enjoying the company of each other.

Through out it all Fate will run through the donkey’s and Chloe’s legs, looking up at me asking me to tell her to “get the sheep”.   The equines ignore her and I send her off on her rounds.

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