Tacking Roger’s Quilt


I finished sewing together the  batting and backing on Roger’s Quilt this morning .  Now I’m going to tack it with gray yarn.

I always forget that it takes longer to work on a quilt made from someone’s clothes, because of all of the different kinds of fabric.  Luckily my Viking sewing machine has easy buttons to press to change the tension.  Other wise sewing  something like, rayon to cotton would be much more difficult.

When I sewing cotton on cotton I don’t have to pin the fabric together, but when the fabrics are mixed I pin each piece.  It’s slows me down in a good way because the process is more deliberate and meditative.

3 thoughts on “Tacking Roger’s Quilt

  1. That orange inner border sets it off to perfection. I also like the white panels with the multi-color patches. They look like stained glass. Nice.

    1. Tricia, when I’m sewing different fabrics together I change it. I have setting on my machine, such as heavy woven and light stretch. So it’ makes it really easy. I just hit the button for the right fabric and the tension changes automatically. It’s a dream.

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