Roger’s Pillows

roger's pilllow

I was going to go for a walk with Fate, but I wanted to finish the pillows I was making  out of Roger’s clothes for Sue.  I tacked the quilt yesterday and once the pillows were done I could send them all back home.

I didn’t recognize the number on my phone when it rang.  It was Rebecca from the Cambridge Co-op.  I was scheduled to work at 1:30 and it was almost 2:00.  I had completely forgotten.

With one handful of stuffing in the pillow, I placed it on my floor and took a picture of it and the other pillow.  I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to get a photo of them or blog till much later.

And here it is 10pm, I’m usually in bed by now.  But we met Pamela from Blue Star for dinner in Bennington Vermont then went to see Jungle Book.  It  was Pamela’s idea and I’m so glad she asked us.  The movie was well, wonderful.  Somehow, I never read Jungle Book or saw the movie before.  It’s a bit of a fantasy for me, the idea of growing up in the jungle, living with all those animals.  And the animation was wonderful.  You could actually see the skin moving over the shoulders of the tiger, Shere Kahn, as he walked.  And the trees are as alive as the animals.   Jon and I are thinking about seeing it again.

Now I’m going to bed, but I wanted to put a couple of picture’s of Roger’s Pillows, even though they lack their stuffing.  I’m planning on finishing them on Monday.

roger's pilllow2


2 thoughts on “Roger’s Pillows

  1. Hi Maria,

    I took my nieces to see Jungle Book last night. I agree. It was visually amazing how they depicted the animals and jungle. Really enjoyed it too:) Glad to hear you went to see it.

    Really enjoying your work too as usual !!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Ooh, I’ve never seen you make a quilted pillow cover using the pieces of a loved one’s clothes. These are sweet, I notice the guitars especially.

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