Painting the Barn, “Barn Red”

jon painting

Jon’s been talking about painting the side of the barn for a while.  So today, after we put the donkeys and Chloe back in the pasture, Jon said he wanted to paint.

We found a barn red stain, that it seems everyone around here uses on their barns, it’s inexpensive and good, at the hardware store.

So now Jon’s outside painting.  Fanny and Lulu being curious creatures, are watching.

You can see Fate and Red in the background.  Red is, of course, watching the sheep but  Fate seems more interested in what Jon’s doing.

One thought on “Painting the Barn, “Barn Red”

  1. Dear Maria, How I love ALL your wonderful photographs of your art, the animals, and Jon. But your most amazing one to date is the mischievous photo of the two Pirates wrestling!! Jon is right, you certainly captured the spirit of the two of the them. Annie

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