The Magic and the Romance


"Ladder of Draws"
“Ladder of Draws”

I just finished reading a new novel, called Georgia, based on Georgia O’Keeffe’s life by Dawn  Tripp.   It’s based  O’Keeffe’s  letter’s and other writings about her.

Towards the end of the novel O’Keeffe is talking about young artists asking  her for  advice.  She says she has only one thing to tell them.  If they want to be an artist they should go home and do their work.  I don’t know if Georgia O’Keeffe actually said this, but I can imagine she might have.  And even if she didn’t I think these words are jewels.

Because they’re true.  I know it because I’m living it.  The only way for me to continue to be an artist and to grow as an artist is to keep working.  That’s the magic and the romance of it.

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