Circles of Horse Hair

chloe's hair

Anyone who has a horse and one of those round rubber curry combs knows what this is.  For everyone else, it’s what horse hair looks like when you clean it out of a specific round rubber curry comb.  It comes out in this neat pattern and holds together for some time.

This time of year, since Chloe’s really shedding,  we have these small circles of hair all over the place.  And each time I pull one off the comb I think I should be able to do something with it.

I know the birds will find it and use the hair in their nests  (I have a small nest made from Fanny and Lulu’s hair), but I still think someday it will come to me and I’ll put all those circles of hair to good use.

6 thoughts on “Circles of Horse Hair

  1. they look really neat … what about hairspray or fixative … then stitch them across and around … and then??? … i could imagine many of them attached together as a loose look through wall hanging with beads in between and horses and goddesses and suns and stars on fabric in between … 🙂

    1. Hairspay or fixative is a great idea Dorit. I can see just what you’re saying, I can imagine tying/ stitching them together. And working with images too. Thanks!

  2. We get very similar ovals after the kids have been playing soccer on freshly cut fields. Before they come inside, they stamp their feet and the grass comes off in circles, with holes where the cleats were.

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