Sending off My Potholders

potholders almost done

I finished sewing up my  Vintage Farm Life and Mexican Themed Potholders  today and got them all packed up and ready to be mailed.   I still have some Vintage Farm Life fabric so I’ll probably be making some more of them.

Usually on Saturday mornings  I go for a long walk in the woods with Fate while Jon teaches his writing class.  But tomorrow I’ll go to the Post Office first and send out my potholders.  Hubbard Hall, the old Opera House and theater, is having their annual plant sale, so I’ll probably stop there too.   It’s hard for me to resist flowers this time of year.

One thought on “Sending off My Potholders

  1. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. We have horses, donkeys, ponies, chickens, guineas & goats. I love Jon’s blog & books as well. Keep making your wonderful fiber creations & I understand completely about the water from the tree. You are special.

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