Candle Leftovers


I always have at least one candle burning on the altar in my studio.

The candle I was burning today (not that I spent much time in my studio today. It was one of those days where things just weren’t working and I gave up trying after lunch and did my bookkeeping and chores instead) is one of one Jon’s leftovers.

Jon burns lots of candles when he writes, but when they burn down to a certain point ( I’m not sure when, but I think it’s when he can’t see the flame anymore) he gives them to me.   I like to use everything up to the last drop, scraping the bottom and sides of the peanut butter jar, that kind of thing.  And I don’t need to actually see the flame, I just like to know my candle is burning.

So I’m happy to take Jon’s leftover candles.  It actually works out pretty well.

Until he got this certain scented brand.  The lavender I can handle, but the vanilla, it just smells too good.   Like someone baking cupcakes.  Which isn’t a bad thing, except that it gets me hungry.  When I burn one of those vanilla candles, I can’t stop thinking of something sweet to eat.  It’s actually distracting.  With each whiff, I’m thinking pastry, cookie, cupcake……and I lose my focus.

Jon doesn’t really get it, but when I told a  friend about it, she understood completely.  Maybe it’s a girl thing.

So when I went in for lunch today, I took what was left of  the vanilla candle with me and threw it in the kitchen garbage.  And now, every time I throw something away, I get a luscious scent of vanilla, instead of  garbage and that works for me.




2 thoughts on “Candle Leftovers

  1. I was once told by a guy I was dating that vanilla was an aphrodisiac. Who knows?! But I love the scent of vanilla too.

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