Whispering My Name


Carol in my studio this morning
Carol in my studio this morning

After helping my friend the artist Carol Law Conklin take down her exhibit at the Valley Artisians Market this morning she came by for some tea.  I rarely have visitors in  my studio, but when I do I usually like it.

Especially if the person is an artist whose work I respect and admire like I do  Carol’s.

Carol was drawn to a stitched piece I started last week but never finished.  She had some insights about it that inspired me to  start a new piece similar to it.

So that’s what I did after she left today.  I worked on something new, keeping what she said in mind.

I’m not up for writing about it tonight, but here’s a photo of the work in progress, with thanks to Carol.

Carol creates wonderful Batiks and makes affordable functional art from her designs.  You can see here work here .

whisper my name1


6 thoughts on “Whispering My Name

  1. Ewwww wheeeee. Dark background, light thread. Intriguing, to say the least…..wow.

  2. Yes, the black background is a new Maria development, it really grabs me! And no holds barred on vaginas in this one – it all works together.

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