Mike and His Quilt

Mike and his quilt

I have known Becca since I first started by website and business almost 8 years ago.  She was one of my first customers and followers of my blog.   And she never left.  I never met Becca, but got to know her a little through the emails we’d exchange when she bought one of my pieces.

Then, a few years ago,  Becca started her own blog called Becca’s Event Horizon.    And through her writing and photographs, me and everyone else who read it, got to witness  Becca emerging from a dark place and begin changing her life.

We got to see Becca dealing with her depression,  grow her pet sitting business, and fall in love.  It wasn’t as smooth a transition as it sounds, it is of course real life.  But sometimes it does read like a fairy tale, with all the trials and errors it takes for the wild woman to claim her place in the world.

So although I rarely take commissions anymore, when Becca asked me to make a quilt for her husband to be, Mike, I was thrilled to do it.   That was a while ago and Becca just sent me this picture of Mike (and his great smile)  and his quilt.  Becca told me she and Mike sleep under the quilt every night and that he just loves it.

I’m going to get to meet them both in person this fall at our October  Bedlam Farm Open House.  And I can’t wait to see their smiling faces together and give them both a big hug.

6 thoughts on “Mike and His Quilt

  1. Oh, Maria! How LOVELY this manly quilt is, and how sweetly wonderful that this man and woman were brought together and celebrate their love under it!!

  2. What a sweet story Maria. I love the quilt and especially that it is for a man. Mike looks like one of the good men. I see softness and happiness in his smile!

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