Over the Moon Socks


We didn’t expect to be buying socks, but when Jon and I went into the bead store in town, the shop was set up differently and the whole wall was full of colorful socks.

I’ve been needing some new beads for a while, but Over the Moon Beads has been closed.  Turns out that Heather, who owns the shop, was recovering from an illness.  So Jon and I were very happy to see her yesterday.

I got some beads then noticed (as Jon was buying me a new pair of socks) that Heather had some in Men’s sizes.  So Jon got a pair too.

Heather said she had the best day of the year at her shop last October when people from our Open House lined up outside her store to buy socks.  In a way, the town of Cambridge, its shops and people, have become a part of our Open Houses.

You can see some more socks and  Over The Moon Beads here.



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