My Walk in the Woods

My Walk in the Woods
“My Walk in the Woods”

” If the Maple is an “it” we can take up the chain saw.  If  a maple is a “her” we think twice.”  Robin Wall Kimmerer

What if everything that was not man-made was alive.  The trees, the rocks the soil the rivers.

I’ve always had a feeling for this idea, but never a name for it. Or the proper understanding of it.  For me it was more anthropomorphizing, but  maybe that was because I didn’t have the language to describe what I was sensing any other way.

Now I understand it’s really animacy.  The belief that woods and rocks and soil and rivers  and all of nature is alive and intelligent,  not as we are, but in their own way.

Today as I walked in the woods and greeted the trees I know so well I saw them in this new way.  As nations all their own, but connected to me as well.  And I thought of how the soil under my feet know my tread well by now, as I walk the same paths again and again.

I made an effort to get to know some new trees.  As I walked I was conscious of all the life around me getting to know me just as I was becoming aware of them.   And I didn’t see just with my eyes, but felt the woods around me with all of my senses and being.

When I got home I stitched this piece.  As I was making it the words “my walk in the woods”   were actually circling through my mind.  I knew they were a part of the piece not just the title.

My Walk in the Woods is Sold for sale.   It’s a small piece the image is about 10″x 11″ and the entire piece including the border is  about 18″x19″.  It’s $60 + $10 shipping.  If it speaks to you and you’d like to have it, just email me at [email protected].

Here’s some of the trees I spoke to today…

One of the dead tress I met today.
One of the dead tress I met today


A seedling growing out of a dead tree trunk
A seedling growing out of a dead tree trunk
Shag Bark Hickory
Shag Bark Hickory


6 thoughts on “My Walk in the Woods

  1. Dear Maria, The Old Testament, esp the Psalms and the book of Isaiah, have many comments about the trees and the earth singing and rejoicing with people who love them and love God. I always thought it was just poetic imagery until you began writing about the life in trees. Thank you for this. Annie

    1. Yes Tricia, that’s where I first heard her. I put a link to the interview in my post (if you click on Robin’s name), but I don’t think it’s that clear. Thanks for sharing this.

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