Whisper My Name, A Wall Hanging For Sale

Whispering my name
Whispering my name

Have you ever been alone and heard someone whisper your name?  I can remember this happening to me a few times in my life.  And I’ve heard other people say it’s happened to them.

I thought it might be a ghost or my subconscious trying to get my attention.  But to tell me what, I couldn’t guess.

I made this piece after Carol Conklin visited my studio.  I call this kind  my art   Streaming Pieces because I start by laying fabric on my machine and just sewing whatever comes into my mind. Like stream of consciousness writing only with images.   And sometimes the process seems to  bypasses my mind and go right to my fingers that are guiding the fabric under the needle.

This kind of work comes to me so naturally that I often think there’s nothing special about it, that because there’s an ease in my  creating them and I think  anyone can do it.

Then someone like Carol comes along and reminds me that just because something comes easy doesn’t mean it isn’t  of value,  it’s actually the opposite.  When we’re good at something, maybe it’s what we’re supposed to be doing.  It’s our gift and to not receive it and use it devalues it and ourselves.

When I was making this piece the words whisper my name, came to me.  And I thought of my subconscious calling out to me.   An affirmation of what I was doing.   That I was allowing myself to flow down the river and trusting it would bring me to the place I needed to go.

When I was finished sewing the piece I used some of the fabric from those vintage robes that I took a video of blowing on my clothes line.  Then I did something I never did before and  tacked each corner using a button, a bead and a small piece of  turquiose.

Whisper My Name is for sale.  It’s 23″x25″ including the border and is $150 + $10 shipping.  You can email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in it.  I take checks and paypal.

2 thoughts on “Whisper My Name, A Wall Hanging For Sale

  1. I love what you said about just because something comes easily to you, doesn’t mean you should discount it. The colors you used in this, really pop against the black. I think the bits of turquoise at the corners help pull it together. Just lovely.

    By the way, the song Rainbow Connection (of Kermit the Frog fame) has a couple lines about when you hear someone call your name but you’re alone.

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