Minnie and Gray Hen On The Rapunzel Chair

minnie and gray hen

Minnie and Gray Hen were cuddling up on the Rapunzel Chair this afternoon.  We had a soaking rain all day, (Three Sister’s Garden was very happy with that) and I guess they were just trying to keep dry.

3 thoughts on “Minnie and Gray Hen On The Rapunzel Chair

  1. Something about this photo makesme think of my grandmother. There’s the set of the hen’s face and the absurdity of a bird and cat sharing a seat. And she was always making, making, making. It’s strange the way this photo made her feel alive again. Thank you.

  2. I love the photos on this page! Jon watering Three Sisters, Fate and Red resting in your studio, Fate peaking out from the quilt, Minnie and Hen in your fiber art chair! That a cat and a hen can be friends is a new sight for me!! Annie

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