Jon Watering Three Sister’s Garden

jon watering

Jon loves to go food shopping and cook for me.  He’s always picking up treats, not just for the dogs, but for all the animals.  Even the chickens get a bag of bird seed for something special between their staple laying mash.

He’s very nurturing and I think his watering the gardens comes from the same instinct.   After  walking around  a 90 degree New York City all day, he came home and  watered the gardens.  He’s much more patient than I am about it, giving them all a good soaking.

I do most of the digging and planting and Jon makes sure they get enough water.      And it shows me how much he cares, not just about the plants, but about the work that I put into the gardens.  It’s a sweet way for us  both to be a part of taking care of this patch of earth.

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