Carol Barrett’s Abstract Expressionist Paintings At The Bedlam Farm Open House

"Buzzed" By Carol Barrett
“Buzzed” By Carol Barrett

I spent my day making potholders to sell at the Bedlam Farm Open House, June 25th and 26th.  (you can read and see more about the Open House here.)  And while I was working I started thinking about the other artists who will be selling their work  in my School House Gallery.

I don’t think I’ve ever exhibited any abstract art before.   But this June I’m going to be showing and selling Carol Barrett’s Abstract Expressionist Paintings.

Carol Barrett
Painter,  Carol Barrett. Now  when you come to the Open House you’ll know how to find her.

Carol taught watercolor painting at SUNY  Adirondack College and was president of the Upper Hudson Valley Watercolor Society.  But she also paints with acrylics and is interested in using color, texture, shape and movement to express herself in her paintings.

Carols paintings are as energetic as she is.  Her lines create both movement and depth.  I feel like I can see the paint dripping onto the canvas.  It has that kind of freshness.  And her use of color is rich and layered.  I can’t help wondering what exactly is underneath those colors to give them their texture.

In “Smell the Coffee, I couldn’t help but see the remnants of and abstracted seated nude.  And while the colors at first glance are soft the red drops of paint and frantic movement of the lines give an edge to the painting.

Both these paintings are big, 30″x 40”.  Right now Carol is working on a few smaller ones for the show.   I have the feeling the smaller pieces will have the same energy as these two.

Since I don’t make abstract art myself,  people wouldn’t be used to seeing it here.  So I’m interested in what you think about Carols work.  In terms of it being abstract or just as paintings.

"Smell the Coffee" by Carol Barrett
“Smell the Coffee” by Carol Barrett

10 thoughts on “Carol Barrett’s Abstract Expressionist Paintings At The Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Love Carol Barrett’s art! Looking forward to seeing it close up. The more variety we can show, the better the experience in my opinion.

  2. Hi Maria

    I am drawn to both of Carol’s abstracts that you posted. I particularly like “Buzzed”. I think her work will be a fantastic addition to the Open House and believe that the smaller pieces will sell quickly. I am interested in seeing those small pieces.

    I had a brother-in-law who was an abstract artist. As a young person I would be fascinated to roam around his studio in SoHo in NYC. He eventually moved to Philly with my sister and even though he had a much smaller studio, I was like a kid in a candy store hanging around. He died in 2005 but my sister is still championing his artwork. She feels she must as when she passes on, she wants to make sure his work is taken care of. His studio is still filled in center city. Luckily she has many contact in Germany, his native land, as well as a few places in the US. I am 20 years younger than her and the only remaining sister. No one in our family can really step in and promote the work – so she is feeling the urgency of getting his work represented before she is no longer overseeing it.

    Here is a link to his work.

    I know this Open House will be quite successful. Each one seems to be a stepping stone for more + more success.


    1. That’s sounds like a great experience Janet. And thanks for the link to your borther in laws work. I loved looking at it. I’ll be posting pictures of the smaller pieces when we get closer to the OPen House. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Oh, I love this, everything about it, the colors, the lines, the feeling – is Carol selling this online anywhere?

    1. I don’t think so Luanne, but I’ll ask if she her if there’s anyplace to see them. I’ll be posting pics of her work on my blog when we get closer to the open house. Thanks for asking.

  4. Carol’s artwork is lovely! Especially love her “Smell the Coffee”! The colors and textures really make the piece. Would love to see more!

  5. Hi, Maria, I was just sitting down to write you a note about your comments on my painting “Smell the Coffee” . . . so you did see my opulent nude with the voluptuous butt in the painting! You have no idea how that makes me smile!

    If anyone is interested in purchasing my art, they can find me at my email address. I’m not sure what the protocol is as far as a referral fee (if that is even the correct term) but I would be glad to reimburse you. The two large paintings are $450+shipping. I am finding it a bit difficult to paint in a smaller size, but I am working on it (actually I’m just having loads of fun!.)
    Love watching the progress on your new garden. See you soon and say hello to Jon.

    1. Yes Carol I did see her. I didn’t know if she was intentional, but I did see here. I’ll share your email address and if you sell your work on line there’s no fee to me. Only if I sell it in my gallery on from my site and handle the sale. Thanks for sharing the info. And glad to have you in the Open House!

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