Three Sister’s Garden, The Corn and Squash are Coming Up

Corn and Pumpkin ( I think)
Corn and Pumpkin or Zucchini

It always seems like a miracle to me when I put seeds in the ground and they actually grow.   A big part of me doesn’t expect anything to come of those seeds and sometimes nothing does.  But when they do sprout, my faith grows.  I know the more seeds I plant the more I expect them to make it.  But I hope I can always hold on to that feeling of it being a miracle.

A week and a day after planting corn, beans and squash in my Three Sister’s Garden, I started to see the first bits of green popping up through the soil and mulch hay.   That was yesterday and this morning it seemed they all burst through.

I think that’s a pumpkin leaf or maybe zucchini (I’m sure someone reading this knows)  growing next to the corn.

The peas and cucumbers came up along the fence, they’re at least an inch high.  I uncovered the sunflowers (one flower in the front corners of the garden like sentinels)  struggling their way up through too much mulch.

So far I don’t see any sign of the beans, which is just right.  They’re supposed to come up last, giving the corn a chance to grow tall enough for them to climb up.

Three Sister's Garden
Three Sister’s Garden this evening

6 thoughts on “Three Sister’s Garden, The Corn and Squash are Coming Up

  1. Soil has to be really warm for squash and zucchini. They’re kind of picky about that. Plus, squash and zucchini leaves are less deeply crinkly and fatter in shape, closer to maple lighter green and sometimes a bit prickly. I think those leaves are your bean plants. But don’t worry, let them be, you can plant mire in a few weeks, succession planning is great anyhow.

    1. Well it’s been really warm here in the high 80’s low 90″s the last few days. But if it’s beans, I can give them give them a temporary trellis to grow on till the corn is tall enough. Thanks for your plant knowledge!

  2. Yes those are beans! I am amazed at how fast all your seeds have come up. Mine are slow here because there’s been no rain in weeks. I am watering, which is not near as good as rain water, but it does help. I think I planted my beans before you planted all yours and not a single leaf has popped up yet. And I am watering them too. You’re just a good gardener. It looks really good so far!

    1. I have to credit Jon with the watering. He’s very dedicated to it. and I’m sure those warm days helped. I hope your seed sprout soon!

  3. It is just so SATISFYING to see the little plants come thru the ground!! I confess to presprouting both pole beans and any squash in a very damp paper towel. Once the “tail” is 1/4 to 1/2 inch long on the seed, I know it will come thru the ground before it gets eaten or rots. Because you named your garden and it sounds so lovely, I named mine, too! “Earth Rejoices, flowers sing” I say hello to my garden every morning by that name, and it just makes me want to SING, TOO! Thanks for the idea. Annie

    1. Beautiful name for your garden Annie. When I read about the three sisters garden it also said that the Native Americans who planted them often presprouted the seeds too.

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