Kiss Me Quilt

Kiss me quilt 1

This is how my day began.  Well, really it was that small piece of pale blueish fabric with the tiny print on it that inspired me.  It was just an uneven, vintage scrap that I’ve had for years.  I’ve always admired it, but was never able to use it before.  This morning I cut off the ragged edges and made it a rectangle, with a little triangle to spare.

Kiss me quilt 2

Then I added some sugar to it….

Kiss me quilt 3

It was at this point I was stumped.  I sewed a few more pieces of fabric onto it (that I didn’t get a photo of)  then got out my seam ripper and took them off again.

Kiss me quilt door

Sometime after that, for reasons other than my quilt, that I won’t go into,  I had a panic attack.  It left me fumbling around until I decided to go for a walk.  But I forgot I propped my studio door open with a rock and when I swung it closed, the screws ripped out of the hinges and the door fell off.

I was able to screw the door back on.  Talk to Jon.  Go for a walk.   Brush the donkeys and Chloe.  And doing all these things made me start to feel like myself again.

After dinner I did the other thing that helps bring me back when I panic, I went to my studio to work.

Kiss me quilt 4

I cut the pieces of the quilt apart.  Then sewed them together again in a different way….

Kiss me quilt 7

…When I couldn’t figure out what to do next I started working on a tote bag….

Kiss me quilt 5

…Then I cut more pieces of the quilt apart and moved them around…

Kiss me quilt 6

…After that I got so into what I was doing I forgot to take pictures.  Until I was done for the night.

The piece of fabric with the woman ironing and the words ” Kiss me I’m never too busy” on it was an apron. (believe it or not)  Another piece I’ve had for years and finally found it’s place.

I still have more to do on this quilt to finish it off.  I’ll probably work on it tomorrow.  Unless the tote bags call to me instead.


4 thoughts on “Kiss Me Quilt

  1. I,ve got your back on this panic. It can paralyze or it can agitate into an inability to focus on anything. You are never alone on this one.You know what it is and you do what is necessary to alleviate it.Smart,smart woman. Role model material. Maybe some how this kiss me quilt needs to tell your story of creating it. A crooked yellow door,talking to your soulmate, the”Bedlam Farm” animals totebag,and your grounding walk through the trees.What follows is unknown. 🙂

  2. I missed the first round of tote bags – I call “dibs” on this one when you’re finished (if you decide to sell it, that is)!

    Glad that you’re feeling grounded again : )


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