Kiss Me – I’m Never Too Busy!

Detail from Kiss Me Quilt
Detail  of  an old Salt bag and the Kiss Me Apron from Kiss Me Quilt

I did finish designing my Kiss Me Quilt this morning.  Then I was packing up the Tote bags I sold and sending them off to their new homes.

I still have to do the backing and tacking, but here’s some details of the quilt and the front of it all done.

The front of my quilt
The front of  Kiss Me Quilt
I used three  old salt and sugar bags in  the quilt.
Detail of old sugar bag from Kiss Me Quilt
I also used both the front and back of the blue fabric with diamonds on it.  Both colors worked with the quilt.

6 thoughts on “Kiss Me – I’m Never Too Busy!

  1. I am smiling through a few tears as I look at the quilt. The Kiss Me apron is my mom’s that I sent you years ago, along with many others. You used a full blue print apron that I had made for her in a “statement” quilt and several others have found their place in pot holders and placemats. The mother and daughter aprons became big and smaller pot holders that hang in my kitchen.
    I wanted these vintage pieces to become new art and your loving artistry has done that. Thank you again, Maria.

    1. Laura, that was so long ago that you gave me all those fabrics and aprons. I remember the mother daughter aprons too. I knew someday this one would find it’s place and when it did it came so naturally. It’s so nice to know that you’re still out there reading and that you got to see the apron find it’s place. And now when I see the quilt or think of the apron (It’s one I don’t imagine forgetting) I’ll think of you and your mom. Thank you for all your gifts.

  2. I think that Laura’s full blue print apron that she made her Mom is in my “Aprons of Silence” quilt you made several years back.This depicted Rita finding her voice.
    Your works have flown out to us all.And we are still out there reading!Thank you Maria for all your gifts.

  3. Thanks for writing about your quilt, Cindy. I couldn’t remember what the title was but the quilt was unusual and beautiful. Just like all of Maria’s creations!

    I have seen your name often and now I will think of you with the aprons.

    Maria, you are the first site I check each morning. You still inspire me every day.

    1. That is the nicest thing to hear Laura. I couldn’t ask for anything more. And I love that you and Cindy have connected through your mom’s aprons and my quilts. A truly beautiful thing!

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