More Full Moon Tote Bags Sold Out

Dancing Goddess with Cat, Dog, and Hen
Dancing Goddess with Cat, Dog, and Hen  Sold

Today was one of those days when I went into my studio knowing what I was going to do and I actually did it.  It was a good day,  I made drawings on  five tote bags.

I was making them for the Open House, which is only three weeks away (all of a sudden) but I’m really enjoying drawing them and I know there were a few people who wanted to buy a tote but missed out on the first batch.  So I decided to put these up for sale.  Whatever doesn’t sell I’ll save for the Open House along with a some more that I’ll make between now and then.

My Tote Bags are $40 + $8 shipping (shipping’s a bit more outside the US).  They’re made with permanent marker on canvas totes.   If one calls out to you just email me at [email protected] and let me know if you want to send a check or use paypal.


Goddess with Owl and Horse
Goddess with Owl and Horse Sold


Bedlam Farm II
Bedlam Farm Tote Too Sold


Donkey and Horse Goddess
Donkey and Horse Goddess Sold


Goddess with Cats and hen
Goddess with Cats and Hen Sold

10 thoughts on “More Full Moon Tote Bags Sold Out

  1. Maria, I am continually delighted visually with your creative mind and work. The bags are wonderful. Can you share more about the materials used in creating them, the mediums,
    Sandy Proudfoot in Canada

    1. Sandy, someone gave me the tote bags. They’re canvas and I used sharpie permanent markers to draw on them. Pretty simple really.

  2. You really are talented, Maria, How the design images flow from your mind to cloth continually delights me and amazes me. How wonderful that you and Jon have found your stride, he, in his less frenetic life of being a writer and you, as an artist. I don’t know how people create in chaos, I can’t. I have to feel peaceful in my mind before creativity flows. I never realized how much noise there was in a city until I moved to the country and experienced the utter stillness, the quietness, the birds singing but silent in the cold months of winter. The coyotes now are my sirens of the night whereas before, it was the emergency responders going out to a call. Some call it white noise, background noise, I’m blessed to be away from it now but my son, when he first came to stay in the country (living as he was on a busy corner of a university city) complained that the crickets were keeping him awake….gosh, I’m carried away about country living…back to your work. I hope you have time to make more, I have a feeling your Open House will clean you out of these tote bags.
    SandyP, in S.ONt.Can.

    1. I known people who are afraid of the quiet of the country Sandy. It’s my home too as it is yours. Thanks for all your good words.

  3. I can’t wait to use mine Maria! I’d like to carry my stuff to the stable in it. Trouble is, once it smells like horse(which I love) it will always smell like horse!
    It is so unique. I just love mine. Thanks Maria 🙂

  4. Maria, your tote bags are a delight. I find I smile then grin because they are truly an artist’s dream. Have dozens ready because they will fly off the tables! You are gifted!

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