Mary Kellogg Reading Her Poem “Morning”

There was so much static I could barely hear Mary’s voice on the other end of the phone.   I wasn’t surprised, Mary’s phone often goes out, not working for days.

So I drove up the long winding hill to her house in North Hebron, about a half hour away, to talk to her about the upcoming Open House.  Mary has been reading her poetry and selling her books at out Bedlam Farm Open Houses since the first one at Old Bedlam Farm.

Jon and I published Mary’s first poetry book, My Place On Earth, about ten years ago.  Now, at 86 years old, Mary has three books.  The most recent, “How to Dance” came out last year.

Mary still mows her own lawn and lives alone in a small farm house with no neighbors in sight.   When I got to her house today she was organizing and filing the historical records  for the church she attends in Granville NY.   Mary told me she gets more tired than she used to and naps in the afternoon,  otherwise she’s doing well.

But you can see for yourself in the video I took of her this morning, on her summer porch, reading the poem “Morning” from her book How to Dance.

Mary does not pass up a chance to read her poetry.  She will once again be at the Bedlam Farm Open House on June 25th and 26th reading her poetry and selling her books: My Place On Earth, Whistling Woman and How to Dance.  The Open House wouldn’t be the same without her.

For more information on the Bedlam Farm Open House click here.

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