Kim McMillan and Her Felted Wallets at the Bedlam Farm Open House

I had no idea Kim was such a natural in front of a video camera.  Between the laughter you get so see how Kim McMillan makes her wallets.

I can relate to her work space which is a creatively, happy mess.  Although I’d bet like me,  she knows where everything is.  (maybe surprised every once in a while by something forgotten).

I can also relate to Kim’s creative process.  That way of trusting a piece will take you where it wants to go.   One of the things artists sometimes have an issue with is knowing when a piece is done.  Kim doesn’t agonize over that.  As she says in the video, she’s finished with a piece when there’s nothing else to do to it.  Wise words for sure.

Kim will be selling her wallets and a couple of bags at the Bedlam Farm Open House on June 25th and 26th.  She’ll also be there  on Saturday, manning the register (or should I say cash box and Square) so if you’re coming to the Open House you can see her then.  If not, maybe you can get to know Kim a little better from watching the video.

Kim usually sells out at the Open Houses, but you can always see what she’s up to on her facebook page Farm House Buttons and Wool. 

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