Jon is Fond of Minnie


Jon and Minnie
Jon showing Minnie some backhanded affection, while Flo flirts on the step to his right.

Jon has never been a cat person.  Although he’s always been a bit in awe of barn cats, he never showed any overt affection toward them till Flo came along.

She quickly seduced him, claiming him as her person.

But Jon is discriminating with his affection and just because he likes Flo  that doesn’t automatically make him feel the same towards all cats.

This goes for Minnie too.  He likes to grumble about her, always finding something to complain about.  Which, of course, makes me defend her.

And so it goes.

Lately, in between grumbles, I’ve heard Jon say he’s fond of Minnie.  Just a little crack in that grumpy about Minnie heart of his.

Then last week I came out of the house and found Jon sitting on the back porch, scratching Minnie who was slinking around behind him.  No she wasn’t on his lap (like Flo who you can see flirting with him on the step to his right would be in a minute or two) but he had to  reach around his back to pet her.  And usually he just chases her away.

To me, that kind of effort goes beyond fondness.  I’m thinking soon Jon might even say he  likes Minnie.


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