Chicken Soup and Blogging

Fate and Fanny
Fate and Fanny

Jon’s up and blogging now, so I know he’s feeling better.

But he spent most of the day sleeping, one minute shivering, the next sweating.  I’m not much of a cook, but  I even made chicken soup. (I do like to chop things up, so chicken soup is easy for me).

He was so out of it, I came in from my studio every couple of hours to check on him and take his temperature.

When I came in a little while ago from watering the gardens and new trees, I peeked in Jon’s office and saw him sitting at his computer.  For me , that’s the best indication there is that Jon’s feeling better.




One thought on “Chicken Soup and Blogging

  1. Life is precarious, is it not, Maria. Think of the number of people affected by the fact that Jon is unwell. He has quite a remarkable readership. His comments about dogs is eerily resonating with me this morning.

    Meg,(for Nutmeg as she’s a deep rich red tri) is my Velcro dog. She is from two kennels, whelped in Maryland with West Virginia kennel lineage, is so sweet and gentle, so aware of me and my emotions, an Australian Shepherd, full of beans and attached to me in such a way as being comforting I think for us both. But my attachment to her leaves me feeling very vulnerable as well, fearful in loosing her, knowing from past experience that my Aussies can be up and running one day and down the next. Hemangiosarcoma is prevalent in this breed, as it is in others. Loving a dog opens us up to being vulnerable just as loving humans leaves us vulnerable as well.
    SandyP, in S.Ont.Can.

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