Carol Law Conklin Making Batiks, The Final Part

This is it, the last step in Batik making.  Carol irons off all the wax and we get to see the finished piece.

Don’t forget to visit Carol’s website Amity Farm Batik.  And meet her in person at the Bedlam Farm Open House, this weekend, where she’ll be selling her batiks.

2 thoughts on “Carol Law Conklin Making Batiks, The Final Part

  1. Maria, I bought one of Carol’s blue horses, have had it framed and it hangs in my bedroom. I see it every day and every day I marvel at her skill with batik. I’m copying the URL for each of her segments you’ve posted here so that I can look over them at leisure when I have time. I hope your Open House is successful, I love the ideas that you and Jon have combined, supporting local artists, expressing creativity, giving folks a taste of the reality of keeping animals as you do, not many, just enough to make your country property feel and look like a small farm. And I love the SoulMate Sox…wear them all the time. I’ve thrown out any synthetic sox, my feet were burning in them, the SoulMate sox which your friend Heather, I believe it is, sells in her shop are a cotton fibre, natural other than the dyes and so much fun. I love looking at my feet and people often comment on them, too.
    Thanks for featuring Carol’s creative process. I used tjantings in art College myself and loved what they could do but there is a real skill to using them.
    SandyP, in S. Ontario, canada

    1. It’s so nice to hear that you have one of Carol’s batiks Sandy. I can imagine that you’d really appreciate them. And by the rest of your comment, even thought I know you haven’t been to one of the open houses, it sounds like you’re up on all the Bedlam Farm stuff, like you have actually been here. (love those socks too)

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