Rachel Barlow and her Paintings at the Bedlam Farm Open House

Rachel Barlow is one of those people I admire.  A couple of years ago she decided to dedicate herself to her creative life.  That’s in between her dedication to her husband and two kids, her full time job and living off the grid in rural Vermont.

At the first Bedlam Farm Open House she was a part of, Rachel made magnets and necklaces from her cartoons.  She also made prints of her watercolors.  She wanted to have something small and inexpensive to sell along with her original  paintings.

But it was Rachel’s  original paintings that were snatched up as quickly as her less expensive work.  People just loved them.  And it’s easy to see why.  I’m a big fan of her trees, and their elegant branches.  There’s a warmth and a love of nature comes through so clearly.

Rachel paints almost every day now.  You can hear all about it in her video.  And she’s showing and selling her paintings all over the place.  We have a few in the farm house.  I’m really looking forward to what she’ll bring to the Bedlam Farm Open House this weekend.

Rachel’s also a wonderfully poignant and funny writer.  You can see more of everything she does on her blog Picking My Battles.

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