Tour of My School House Gallery For the Bedlam Farm Open House

For everyone who isn’t  at the Bedlam Farm Open House and would like to see the exhibit of the art in my gallery,  here’s a video.  Thanks and Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Tour of My School House Gallery For the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Maria. I watched all the artist videos and your tour and feel a bit connected to the wonderful goings on at Bedlam Farm today! Love, from Idaho.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Thank you for posting the Bedlam Farm Open House Video. The artwork on show is of a very high quality . I wish I could be there but unfortunately, I live in Ireland.I wish you and Jon every success with it. I think it’s wonderful the way you and Jon support and encourage other artists.I love seeing poets like Mary Kellog been given an opportunity to put her wonderful poetry out there!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I loved this. . .thanks so much for your video tour. . .How I wish I could have come. . .love from California. . .veronica

  4. Love how you both have so much support for & from other artists & writers! <3
    Wish we could have been there, but we just got our 2 year old border collie 2 weeks ago. 🙂 We probably wouldn't have been as open to the breed if not for you & Jon blogging about Red & Fate. Relic is such a great dog, thanks for the inspiration!

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