A Sculpture in My Dish Drain

The dishes in the dish drain after lunch
The dishes in the dish drain after lunch

I may have worded it a little different, but most of what Jon wrote about me in his post Thrift Shop People was true.

The only thing  that got me screaming was when he wrote that I “haphazardly”  stack the dishes in the dish drain.  I couldn’t let that slide.

Because it’s the exact opposite.  I am very deliberate about how I stack the dishes in the dish drain.  To the point where I wash them in a certain order to get it just right.

It’s a sculptural thing.  When I look at those dishes in the sink my mind starts planning which to wash first depending on what I want on the bottom and what I know I can balance on top of it all.  And if Jon adds a dish to the sink as I’m washing, it only makes it more of a challenge.

And not only do I make sure there’s a delicate balance, but I’m also thinking of how the dishes will  dry best.  So my dish washing and drying is  practical as well as aesthetic.

And as for removing the dishes from the dish drain.  Well that’s part of the fun.  It’s like that kids game Kerplunk.  Where you have to take out just the right straw so all the marbles don’t fall.

With dishes it’s pretty easy.  Mostly you just take from the top down. Of course you also have to  pay attention to which glass is balanced on which dish is balanced on which bowl etc.

So the dishes and glasses break sometimes.  That’s what thrift stores are for (along with getting clothes and materials for my work).

I had a friend who was married for 40 years and still had the same dishes she got at her wedding shower.  She couldn’t rationalize getting new ones as tired as she was of them.   Let me do your dishes, I told her the last time I visited.  I’ll get rid of them for you.




16 thoughts on “A Sculpture in My Dish Drain

    1. It more common that I would have thought Donna. And not something I really thought about, just did, until all this happened.

  1. I just love this! I truly congratulate you for the unique ways in which you turn the ordinary i to the extraordinary.

  2. You described me to a T. I still have the dishes we received as a wedding gift – and it was quite a bit longer than 40 years ago! Perhaps I do need you to come and do my dishes for a week:-)

  3. I am laughing so hard at your and Jon’s dish washing/stacking techniques. You are a wonderful pair. There is something wise here for myself and my husband, but I am not sure what… We both have used thrift stores for years and years– clothes, books, dishes and glasses mostly. When husband is not swanning around in an Armani suit ($20) or a cashmere jacket($12) he is busy breaking dishes in the kitchen.

    Meanwhile I am probably sewing a dress for myself from a Laura Ashley sheet ($1.50) or I am carefully packing our dishwasher in my one particular way–mess with it at your peril.

    1. I was wondering about the dishwasher Erika, If it has the same potential as a dish drain. Seems you’ve answered my question.

  4. P.S.
    At lunch time there was a crash in the kitchen. After 40 years of marriage I am too laid back to even enquire or to frown at the curse words which followed.

  5. Maria,
    I have always thought of my dish rack as my daily sculpture creation. I did mostly in my first marriage when my children were very young and I thought I was suffocating and slowly losing my mind. I think it was something about creating. I lost that for a very long time and am just now realizing how much I need to create. Love this story.

    1. It’s so interesting Diane, how creative people find a way to fulfill that need in any way they can. I’m glad your back to creating and understanding how important it really is. I know you’re not alone in your story. Thanks for sharing it.

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