Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 7/4/16, Independence Day

I can’t help but think of Jon coming home after Open Heart Surgery on July 4th two years ago.  His own personal Independence Day.  It’s  made the 4th of July a special day for me in a way it never was before.

I don’t think of myself as patriotic.  And I’m not  into traditional celebrations that take place today, including fireworks and the sounds of bombs they replicate.   But I am touched by the idea of Independence in most forms it takes.

I know how hard I’ve fought for my own personal independence, and I sometimes wonder if  I would have  had the courage to be a part of  the American Revolution if I were alive then.

Or where the line is in today’s politics between acceptance and action.  But I think that constant questioning is a part of keeping an open mind and not becoming dogmatic.   And still being able to make decisions and take action when necessary.

2 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 7/4/16, Independence Day

  1. Hi Maria, we went to a fireworks display last night, and it was the first time I thought about how fireworks are basically a spinoff of bombs. I wondered how veterans feel when they hear/see fireworks – even in the distance – and how fireworks could trigger PTSD anxieties. I like what you say about independence in all the forms it takes. That’s a good way to think about today. Thanks for the Monday morning video, and I hope you all have a relaxing day. Janet

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