Izzy, A New Sheep Coming To Bedlam Farm

Deb from Vermont Fiber Mill saying hello to Red.
Deb from Vermont Fiber Mill saying hello to Red.  That’s my wool in the plastic bags up front.

Yesterday we made our wool run to Vermont Fiber Mill.  I dropped off 42 lbs of wool.  Most of it will be made into worsted and DK yarn.  Zelda is getting older and her wool doesn’t grow as fast or lush so we’ll be getting bumps of her wool (these are used by handspinners to make into yarn).  On the opposite end, I have so much of Liam’s wool I’ll be getting half of his in yarn and half in bumps.

I’m discovering that the sheep are really beginning to earn their keep.  Selling the wool helps pay for some of  their hay in the winter and covers the twice a year shearing.  And with Zelda getting older, both Jon and I were thinking it might be time to get another sheep.

Then Donna at the hardware store in town told us that she just took in five Romney Sheep that she needs to find homes for.  A friend lost her farm  and the sheep were going to go to slaughter.  But Donna said they were just too beautiful for her to let that happen.  So she took them in hoping to place them in good homes.

Donna asked what color and gender I wanted and then told me about Izzy.  Just under two years old, Izzy has chocolate brown wool with a good crimp (the crimp or kink is the ripples in the wool.  The more crimp, the finer you can spin the wool).   And she’s a nice sheep too.  Donna was most concerned about finding her a good home where her wool would be appreciated.

I haven’t even seen her yet, but with all Donna told me about her and being her name is  Izzy, I know she was meant to come to Bedlam Farm.

So later this week Donna will deliver Izzy.   She already lives with horses and goats and dogs so she should have no trouble fitting in.

I’m thinking in October’s shearing of mixing some of the wools together.  I was just texting with my friend Suzy (who makes the gloves for the Open House and who my sheep Suzy is named after) and she was suggesting mixing Izzy’s wool with Socks’ wool to add a softness to it.  Suzy said there are lots of different combinations to make and I think that could be fun and expand my variety of wool just by adding a sheep.

I’ll be sure to write about Izzy’s arrival.  I can’t wait to see what she looks like.


11 thoughts on “Izzy, A New Sheep Coming To Bedlam Farm

  1. I was wondering, do sheep respond to their name?

    And I wanted to say the first thing I noticed in this photo was long sleeves and a jacket on the chair. OMG; it’s 107 here with the heat index and humidity.

    1. My sheep don’t Lynn, but I’m imagine they can be trained with food to get to know their names. they do like treats. And it’s been cool here the last couple of day. 107 is beyond my experience.

  2. How wonderful that another Izzy will be coming to Bedlam Farm. Any animal with that name has to be special. I loved Izzy; he was such a calming presence and offered so much to so many with his hospice visits. You and Jon will be fortunate to have another, even if this Izzy is a different kind of animal. Are sheep accepting to new additions that are adult, or do they not notice that a new sheep has joined the flock?
    My Shelties were accepting of my Lab when he came to join us. Our vet told us how to introduce them and it worked. My dogs have never interacted much together, but it is apparent that the Shelties love being near Riley. My males seem to always find themselves at rest in the same room together. I love my threesome!!!! Like you, I can’t wait to see the new Izzy. Have a nice today.

    1. I haven’t noticed any problems when we’ve gotten new sheep with them accepting the new ones. I think they just generally fall into “sheep” mode.

  3. Romney wool is amazing! It’s one of my favorites. I am looking for a Romney ram to breed my Finn ewes to this fall. I am thinking those 2 breeds will make wonderful wool. I can’t wait to see Izzy. And her wool sounds beautiful. I love brown.

  4. Maria-
    How wonderful that you are going to add a new ewe. On another subject – I saw your garden on Jon’s web site and I wanted to say how beautiful it is. The artist in you comes out even in planning you garden. Yours put mine to shame.

    1. Thanks Jill, the garden came up really nice this year. I’m not sure how much i have to do with it and how much is just good weather and luck.

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