Izzy, A Romney Sheep, Comes to Bedlam Farm

Donna dropped off Izzy, our new Romney ewe, this morning.   She jumped out of Donna’s car and into the dog area with Donna holding onto her.  There was a brief struggle where Izzy pulled Donna and then Donna jumped on top of Izzy to keep her from running off.   I came by after the hard work was done and got to feel Izzy’s incredibly lanolin soft wool.

At first Izzy had a hard time getting from the dog area to  the pasture with the sheep.  Then Jon thought to bring the sheep into the dog area where Izzy was and let her follow them out.  (That’s Liam leading the way and Deb jumping over the dog house)


6 thoughts on “Izzy, A Romney Sheep, Comes to Bedlam Farm

  1. Soft lanolin wool would sound lovely if I weren’t allergic to lanolin! Cool looking sheep though. Where are the Romneys from? Ireland?

  2. FYI, After the video of Izzy joining Bedlam farm, a rather bizarre photo-shopped image of Hillary Clinton shows up on the screen, and the next video in queue is quite derogatory. Just thought you’d like to know.

    1. I never looked at what comes up next Susan. But I just looked at the videos on YouTube and I didn’t get the same video as you.(Glad to say) I got one about Bedlam Farm and a blind boy singing! Who knows how these things work. I bet they’re always changing.

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