Izzy Meets Her New Flock

Zelda and Izzy getting to know each other.
Zelda and Izzy getting to know each other.

It didn’t take long for Izzy to become a part of the flock.  We kept the sheep separated from Chloe and the donkeys for maybe an hour, so they could meet each other with the fence between them.  Chloe has turned out to be more of a guard pony than I would have thought. She was at the fence with her ears up as soon as Izzy came.

Fanny and Lulu were at the fence too.  Lulu watching then all of them sniffing at each other through the gate.

The equines eventually saw enough and left while the sheep piled into the sheep shed and got to know each other.

I sat with the sheep a while with Fate lying on the other side of the fence so she could get used to Izzy from a distance too and Izzy could get used to me.

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