Inspired by Izzy


I’ve thought of doing drawing of the sheep before, their faces are all so different and interesting looking.  But I just never got around to it.

Yesterday when I took a picture of Izzy, our new ewe, I was captivated by her face and the expression on it.  And I was inspired to try and draw her.

First I did a pencil sketch then moved to my sewing machine and did the drawings above.  Sheep have those strange eyes with the horizontal pupil but I saw if I  only let it come half way across the eye, it gave her the curious look I saw in the photo.

I’m thinking of potholders.  Maybe even doing some of the rest of the flock too.  It would be interesting to see them all together and how they really are very different.  If I can capture that.

One thought on “Inspired by Izzy

  1. I love looking at the sheep. Each of them seems to have such a unique expression. I suppose that Kim was a favorite because she seems to have a soft, gentle look. Now when I see Izzy, there is somewhat of a regal look and an awareness of her surroundings in her expression. When you, or Jon, talk about the sheep I can see their distinct personalities through the way you describe them. It is so much fun to see their photographs and watch the videos of the way Red and Fate react to and herd them. Animals bring so much joy and companionship into our lives. I love my three dogs and love seeing all of the animals that inhabit your peaceable kingdom.

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