Chloe Gets A Fly Mask

chloe fly mask

It’s about time, Chloe seemed to be saying as I fit the fly mask over her ears and face.  She waited patiently as I adjusted the velcro strap under her chin.  She couldn’t have been happier.  Not happy like when I give her a treat she really likes, but like she taking a big breath of relief.  Saying Yes, this is right. 

I don’t know why I didn’t think of getting a fly mask for her soon.  Maybe because the donkeys would never keep theirs on and I just assumed Chloe would be the same.   But it wasn’t until this past week that the flies got really bad.  And it was Jon, who has mastered Amazon, who got things going. Together we found  a fly mask, of all the seemingly thousands of fly masks available, that we thought would be best.

I wanted something that I could easily see her eyes through.  It seemed to strange to me, the idea of  looking at Chloe, and not be able to see her eyes.

And I feel relieved now too, knowing that her eyes aren’t covered in flies and her ears are protected too.   That she’ll be a little more comfortable in this hot weather.

2 thoughts on “Chloe Gets A Fly Mask

  1. She looks so sweet. And pats to her for being patient while you adjusted it on her! Melody has a new one this year. It has pink knit trim! She’s so dark I wanted a feminine touch to her. Melody is 18. I forget, how old is Chloe?
    Going to my lesson now. Wonder how I’ll do in this heatwave? My heart monitor (routine,2wks./yearly)will probably implode!!! Have a great day… xoxox

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